photoI posted one of these two videos few years ago, but I am posting it again- together with a NEW amazing documentary from 2013!- and i am doing it because this subject means A LOT TO ME.

My mother is an artist ( painter), she always had this passion since she was young, but she had time to develop it more in depth after her kid (me) left home. A woman who has children and develops her art later in life will find it very hard, almost impossible to be recognized by the art world.

When my mom was younger she dreamt of studying art and psychology but her father did not want to waist his money on her University studies and wanted her to get a job immidiatly; I belong to another generation of course, but there are still many things that need to be addressed when it comes to women’s lives. Women’s lives and their beautiful art are everybody’s concern, not just a women’s issue. 50% of the world is made of women, so anything concerning women is a world’s concern.

When the first documentary that is posted here below was done- in 2008- 80% of students at the School of Visual Arts ( as in many other art schools) were female, but out there in the world  you got 7 to 8 male artists in the Museums and Galleries.