An intimate revolution

Thank you for all your comments even the ones that don’t agree with me. Even the people who apparently agree with me don’t necessarily say the same things I do. Women, sexuality, freedom of expression and art… are all complex subjects.

I believe women should be able to express their sexuality freely.
In a free world, where men and women have the same exact rights and are given the same respect from society (that includes: jobs, salary,visibility in the media at all ages, etc…), I would maybe react differently to images of women in music.
But things are not really equal yet.

It is all about context, timing, meaning, and personal taste. When I saw Prince in one of his first videos in the early 80’s, he was wearing only a thong ! I thought it was genius…Why? The time in history,the way it was done, his personal style, the song, the lyrics and how they connected with his performance; the fact that he was a man doing this was revolutionary for me. Maybe if he was a woman, it would not be as impressive. Why? because for women having to use sex in a provocative way has been a duty for the past 50 years!

In 2013 to watch yet another naked woman pretending to suck and lick a hammer, is simply not revolutionary in any way . What is shocking to people in the Wrecking Ball video, I don’t find shocking at all, the public thought of it as unexpected, I thought of it as predictable.

I love artists such as LE TIGRE, PUSSY RIOT, ROMEO VOID, PATTI SMITH, GRACE JONES, ANNIE LENNOX, SINEAD O’CONNOR, BJORK who can be extreme and sexual but with style and with a message behind what they express.

I don’t believe Sinead really cared about Miley being on stage sticking out her tongue or twerking ( what artist in pop music hasn’t done that?) Sinead did much crazier things on stage! She REALLY dared… Getting naked these days is not as daring as tearing the Pope’s image on live TV (back in the 80’s even more so)

I believe what Sinead was separating herself from, was the comparison of Miley’s video to hers.
Miley’s music video looked at first to me like a parody by Tina Fei imitating women in music videos trying to use sex to sell something. It’s actually hilarious, I thought it was a spoof. The opposite of revolutionary, just cliché.

It’s all about the context, the time, the place and the way one does something. In ART more then in any other field it is about context and time in history. Maybe in the 50’s twirking was shocking, to be naked on stage dancing is the NORM. What is so special about it? Today intimacy is way more revolutionary then porn.

What Lena Dunham did with her first movies was interesting for example.
Once again, it’s context, her approach to sexuality and women’s body image was presented in a fresh new way. I would like to see a pop star with a body more similar to Lena Dunham get naked in a music video, that would at least be “different”.