THE BEAUTIFUL (Of never stopping and following your dreams)

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I produced the video of THE BEAUTIFUL through my record label: Matriarchy Records. The label is basically myself and the talented people I hired each time on different projects.

The mission of my label (as the name might suggest) is to hire as many women as possible to do jobs that are usually done by men in the music business.

That is why I chose a very young girl as a director of The Beautiful, Ludovica Mauri. She had a great idea and a great energy and I wanted to give her a chance to show me what she could do, in some ways she reminded myself when I first started photography in NY.

The video was shot with a few thousand bucks, because unfortunately Matriarchy and me  don’t have much $.

It was shot in Brooklyn on a roof; I was stressed during the whole shoot that the police could stop the shoot, as it happened before!

The building you see in the back is the legendary Domino Sugar factory which will soon be destroyed and where the artist Kara Walker, this year did her amazing installation

Once I was asked to list the 3 happiest moments of my life
I was blown away by what came up: the images, the people and the moments that appeared in my mind were completely unexpected.

My happiest moments were not those times in my life when I was the richest or most successful.

I thought of a time when I saw my mother laughing, laughing so hard that she fell on the floor looking like a 13 years old girl.
I never saw my mother so happy and free of worries and doubts, lost in the moment. BEAUTIFUL.

Then I thought of the time when I had to take care of my grandmother at the hospital, when I had to lie to her, saying that I would not be looking at her while she took a bath, but in reality I had to check on her secretly to make sure she didn’t hurt herself.
For once I was doing something for her, helping her, she who took care of me for so many years and raised me. That moment when I was truly helpful to her, that was BEAUTIFUL and gave me happiness.

Kissing someone I loved, in my first tiny rented studio in Manhattan
When “ a pocketful of dreams, was the richest that I ever felt” THE BEAUTIFUL.

In THE BEAUTIFUL lyrics, I was trying to tell people about this dimension of the ” intangible” which is the opposite of the illusion of material happiness we are being sold everyday.

I wrote the song The Beautiful in Los Angeles a year ago with two young talented producers, Ryan and Smitty.

Since then it has been a long lonely adventure to release this song in the way I envisioned it.

I met Todd Terry in a club in New York one night for the commemoration of Frankie Knuckles; Little Louie Vega was playing and I was dancing when I saw the legendary Todd! I went to talk to him and we became friends.

This summer I was in the Baleares Islands where I also went to see Todd play.
The day after we met I had a very violent motorcycle accident.

I was scheduled to leave and travel to Africa the next morning, to celebrate my father’s 70th birthday.

I knew that canceling this trip would have been a huge disappointment for everyone.

So I did it anyway, all scratched, and looking like a Egyptian mummy, with a broken bone, I traveled alone on a wheelchair, first by boat to Ibiza, then by plane to Madrid, then to Dubai and finally from Dubai to Tanzania, to meet my parents.

I feel like a warrior. I am one, we all are, everyday, we must be, and life is constantly unexpected and challenging!

Women are innately strong; the world doesn’t celebrate them as such, and sometimes unfortunately some women play along silly gender roles that the world has sold us through the media, and that makes our entire gender look weak or cheap.

But when a woman is a strong woman, then she is stronger then any man on the planet.

Women know how to stand pain in a deep way; just watch one natural birth and you will understand what I am talking about. If men had to do that, there would be statues of pregnant men in every square in the world, but instead there are men on horses and big phallic obelisks.

“In the nineteenth century, doctors described labor pain as one of the most agonizing experiences known to medicine, more painful then suffering of soldiers on Civil War battlefield” N. Wolf

Strong women can stand anything; they are just not as easily celebrated as men.
And that makes it harder for them to respect and celebrate themselves.

The most important thing is to be AWARE of your own strength, power, intelligence, and courage. It is hard to do so in a world where our achievement are not quite as celebrated as those of men yet, but the first step is KNOWING IT for yourself.

Whatever people say or how they make you feel inside of yourself say: “this is what you might think/say/do, but I KNOW I AM STRONG AND CAPABLE AND COURAGEOUS, and I AM MY OWN HEROINE”

I wrote this song about it called WOMAN.

Gala Rizzatto Publishing, Role breaker Publishing (ASCAP/ PRS, MCPS) ©

The fire of imagination
I am life and I’m creation
I’m a woman

The mystery and the solution
I’m the dawn of revolution
I’m a woman

Feel me I’m inside you
Don’t you hear my voice at night?
Feel me all around you
I’m the sun it’s golden light

I am a woman

The wisdom of generations
Power and determination
I’m a woman

Instinct and intuition
I’m the artist the musician
I’m a woman

Feel me I’m inside you
Don’t you hear my voice at night?
Feel me all around you
I’m the sun it’s golden light

I’m the marvel and its wonder
I’m the echo after thunder
I’m a woman
I am freedom, I am laughter
My own hero, my own master
I’m a woman

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