I Can’t Breathe.


http://time.com/3016326/eric-garner-video-police-chokehold-death/ Eric, I see you on a video all over the internet, unarmed on the floor with four people on you, pressing on your chest, the last minute of your life desecrated, I can’t breathe. Your life stolen from you by four cowards. Four against one. Unarmed. Cowards. I hope that wherever you are now,

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Women, sport and music: Performing as the Winter Olympics in 2014

sochi performance

Jessica Jerome and Lindsay Van started ski jumping when they were in primary school, and fell in love with the sport from their first jump! In a video interview a tiny, 7 year old big blue-eyed Lindsay, declares confidently: “My goal is to make the Olympic Team!” A child’s promise to herself is a powerful

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THE BEAUTIFUL (Of never stopping and following your dreams)

10658703_10152770430528088_3390122816200754292_o (1)

I produced the video of THE BEAUTIFUL through my record label: Matriarchy Records. The label is basically myself and the talented people I hired each time on different projects. The mission of my label (as the name might suggest) is to hire as many women as possible to do jobs that are usually done by

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My “Wild Life”….

Masai Screenshot

I’m in Africa in a tented camp where there isn’t any separation between me and wild animals such as lions, elephants, and hyenas… A few minutes ago I was walking with a Maasai in total darkness and a hippopotamus appeared out of nowhere right in front of us! I have had a beautiful experience like this

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Dark Angel

Liam and Gala

“Boy of 15, he knows everything, he dances with pain, he sees through the night, dark angel you know, you’re gonna grow old, you died for love, you’ll give in to the world, keep the secret, you gave in to the world, keep the secret, you died for love, keep the secret when you’re gonna

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On stage this Thursday at controversial
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014


Read Gala’s open letter on SoSoGay About two months ago I was invited to perform a headline gig at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics… I was excited and honored to be part of the biggest sporting event in the world! My costs were barely met, but my motivation to participate was driven by my desire

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An intimate revolution

Hi, Thank you for all your comments even the ones that don’t agree with me. Even the people who apparently agree with me don’t necessarily say the same things I do. Women, sexuality, freedom of expression and art… are all complex subjects. I believe women should be able to express their sexuality freely. In a

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Sinead O’Connor

I wanted to post parts of Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus. Sinead’s words struck me and I wanted to share them with you. There are VERY FEW women out there in the music world who have the courage to speak up about these issues. So THANK YOU Sinead “nothing compares to you” for

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I posted one of these two videos few years ago, but I am posting it again- together with a NEW amazing documentary from 2013!- and i am doing it because this subject means A LOT TO ME. My mother is an artist ( painter), she always had this passion since she was young, but she

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          I have been advised to post more pictures of myself— possibly sexy pics. I would get 90% more comments— they say. I lose followers by posting what I post— they say. But I can’t help it. As an artist my mission is to bring hope to people by showing them that they are

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